The Best Solution to your Construction Problems

Construction has come a long way over the decades. Throughout the world architects and construction companies are striving to invent and update construction techniques to enhance the durability, stability, sustainability, and safety of the buildings and the environment. Various innovative construction materials have been introduced and research for better construction techniques is ongoing to ensure a better architecture of the world. Today the world is turning towards a revolution in construction, sustainability has become the primary goal of every construction company. To keep up with these developments and have a better outlook of the future the collaboration between the real estate companies, planners, designers, and material producers have become ever so important.

CONSTRUCTION; A Brief History: Construction has always been about the product achieved as a result of collaboration between multiple fields, such as, civil engineering, history, and architecture, structural engineering that made up the major divisions for a long period in our history. As time passed material engineering, environmental studies, and many other factors were considered and researched to construct sustainable, healthy, and durable buildings. In doing so as time passed, our construction evolved achieving forms and heights that were never imagined to be made reality.

In the earliest times, humans started construction out of bones, the Neolithic construction. From there the human evolved and understood material around and started utilizing materials such as bronze and silver, and earth. Creating massive structures using mud bricks. When we reached the middle ages our construction techniques had developed immensely. Using the same materials, the focus diverted towards the structural stability and the visual aesthetics of the buildings. And today from the 17th to the 21st century we have uncovered thousands of construction techniques for thousands of different environmental scenarios and hurdles we might face, expanding our reach to the clouds and higher. We have uncovered concrete, steel, bricks and transformed them into their most effective versions for modern construction.

CONSTRUCTION BRANCHES: From designing a building to material selection, material production to structural solutions and civil work, even the finishing and interior design are now active branches that fall under the word “construction”. Construction companies must provide all these services and have widespread networks to provide their clients with complete professional services whether it be residential construction or the construction of a skyscraper.

Ittefaq Group established its roots in Pakistan in 1986. For over 30 years our leadership and our teams in different fields have been working together, researching, and providing the best construction services throughout Pakistan. Our skills and services are carved out from the Pakistani culture, environment, and construction history. Our company has been providing versatile solutions in building construction, innovating new techniques and materials to counter every type of design or structural challenge we might face in our road to constructing a sustainable modern Pakistan. Our premium services and loyalty to our clients from designing the building to celebrating the inauguration have laid the foundations of our legacy.