Advantages of Pre-Engineered Building

Construction has been a part of human civilization for a long time. From raw wood and stone structures to gigantic skyscrapers we see today, construction has seen many eras of evolution and advancement.

The main and most commonly used mode of construction in Pakistan today is still civil construction which involves a lot of manpower and labor-intensive work, non-environmental friendly raw products, and longer timespans for construction. But the market dynamics are now changing rapidly as the world moves forward at an unprecedented pace.

Pre Engineered Building or Prefab Buildings are basically steel buildings that are now taking over civil and precast construction, especially in the industrial and commercial industry. The reason for this shift in trend is very obvious as the advantages of pre-engineered buildings outnumber the hassles of traditional construction.

Less Capital and Operational Cost:

Pre-engineered buildings generally cost less than concrete buildings because of the more efficient process, choice of material, low maintenance cost, and energy efficiency.

Time saving:

The total project time for prefab buildings is far less than conventional construction because of its efficient workflows, offsite fabrication, and efficient erection process. The time saved by opting for a prefab building can also save you a lot of money as the building is operational sooner.

Quality and Durability:

Pre-engineered buildings are manufactured and fabricated offsite in our dedicated facility with the latest automatic processes and the components of the building go through rigorous quality testing before they are dispatched to the erection site. The material used in these buildings is steel which has a lot more tensile strength than concrete buildings so these buildings are also shock-proof and earthquake resistant. You can rest assured that pre-engineered buildings are just as durable if not more than concrete buildings.

Customizable and expandable:

Pre-engineered buildings have more room for practical customizability and provision for extension. The design can be customized according to your end-use in mind so you can bring the most out of it. These buildings can be designed with the provision of installation of solar panels on the roof or the possibility of expansion without altering the existing structure in the future. These buildings can also be disassembled and then reassembled to another site so they are portable as well.

These are just some of the advantages of pre-engineered buildings. Due to these and many more reasons, we can see people/companies/organizations opting for pre-engineered buildings for their projects.

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